Enrollment in QCDC
Annual   Membership   dues   are   $15   per   person    for   the   current   calendar   year,   or   $25   for   this   year   and   next year.   Please   make   your   checks   payable   to   DCQC ”   or   Democratic    Club    of    Quail    Creek ”.      Enclose   your check with a completed membership form below and mail it to: Bob Barrett 2409 E Glen Canyon Road Green Valley AZ 85614. You   can   obtain   a   membership   form   by   clicking   on   the   button   below   and   printing   the   form   OR   by   picking   up a   form   from   the   Democratic   Club   mailbox   in   the   corridor   around   the   corner   from   the   Concierge   Desk   in   the Madera   Clubhouse.   You   can   also   join   our   Club   by   coming   to   one   of   our   meetings,   in   the   Silver   Room   of   the Madera   Clubhouse   on   the   third   Saturday   of   the   month   at   3PM,   filling   out   a   membership   form   at   the   meeting and submitting your dues check.
Enrollment Form Enrollment Form
 Democratic Club of Quail Creek - 2017