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MONTHLY MEETINGS Our meetings are generally held on the 3rd Saturday of each month in the Silver Room of the Madera Clubhouse and followed by a potluck dinner at the home of a Club Member.
~ Saturday September 16th Meeting ~ Margaret Regan, Author, will talk about immigration.
Margaret   Regan    is   the   author   of   two   prizewinning books   on   immigration.   She   will   be   the   speaker   at the    September    16th    Meeting    held    in    the    Silver Room    of    the    QC    Club    House.    The    public    is welcome. The   most   recent,   “Detained   and   Deported:   Stories of    Immigrant    Families    Under    Fire”    (2015),    which won   a   starred   review   in   Publishers   Weekly,   looks   at the    fate    of    undocumented    immigrants    who    are arrested    long    after    they’ve    established    lives    and families    in    the    United    States.    “The    Death    of Josseline:   Immigration   Stories   from   the   Arizona-Mexico   Borderlands (2010)   investigates   the   tragedy   of   migrant   deaths   in   the   desert.   Both were    named    Top    Picks    in    the    Southwest    Books    of    the    Year competition. A   longtime   journalist   in   Tucson,   Margaret   started   writing   about   the border   in   2000.   She   has   a   bachelor’s   degree   in   French   from   the University    of    Pennsylvania    and    she    also    studied    French    at    the Sorbonne   in   Paris.   She   has   twice   gone   to   Guatemala,   and   studied Spanish in two tiny schools in the colonial city of Antigua. After   working   as   a   French   editor   for   TV   Guide   magazine   and   as   a children’s   book   editor   at   McGraw-Hill   in   New   York,   Margaret   turned   to journalism.   She   started   as   a   reporter   at   the   Express-Times   in   Easton, PA;   she’s   been   writing   for   the   Tucson   Weekly   since   1990.   She   has won    many    journalism    awards    for    her    arts    criticism,    her    border reporting,   and   her   stories   on   the   Irish   immigrant   experience.   She   also reports   regularly   on   the   arts   for   The   Buckmaster   Show,   KVOI   Am 1030, Tucson. Her   work   has   been   published   in   the   Washington   Post,   Al   Jazeera English,    Utne    Reader.        Sojourners,    Newsday,    Black    +    White, Photovision   and   in   many   regional   and   local   publications.   She   has appeared   on   NPR,   C-Span   Book   TV,   WHYY   Philadelphia,   KPFK   Los Angeles,   Pacifica   and   many   other   radio   stations,   and   she   gave   a TEDx   talk   in   Phoenix.   Most   recently,   in   March   2016,   Margaret   did   a solo    half-hour    Q&A    appearance    on    Book    TV’s    “Open    Phones,” program,   taking   questions   about   immigration   from   viewers   around   the nation. She’s a regular speaker at the Tucson Festival of Books.
The   post-meeting   pot   luck   hostess   will   be Ginger     Applegarth     please     RSVP     to     if     you     are going to attend.  2500 E. Bluejay Bluff Lane  Green Valley, AZ 85614 We   are   asking   everyone   who   comes   to bring   a   friend   –   friends   will   be   eligible   to win a prize.
DCQC October Welcome Back Party Saturday – October 21. We will be enjoying the buffet provided by the QC Grill (which includes marinated chicken and trip tip), the cost is $14.99 + tax.  Reservations are needed by Oct. 13 to QCDC (payment at door).  Meet your local representatives and candidates.