Monthly Meetings    Our    meetings    are    generally    held    on the     THIRD     SATURDAY     of     each month    in    the    Ocotillo    Room    of    the Kino   Conference   Center,   followed   by   a potluck   dinner   at   the   home   of   a   Club   member .   EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
 Upcoming Events NEXT MEETING: Saturday, December 17th @ 3:00PM
 Democratic Club of Quail Creek - 2017
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 Future Events
The January 21st Meeting  Speakers will be Mary Kidnocker from the Green Valley Gardeners, and project coordinator of the Arid Garden. Mary is a Master Gardener and author of the weekly garden column in the Green Valley News. Also presenting will  be  Maryjane Goodrick,  Executive Director of the Green Valley Food Bank. We are asking attendees to bring a food donation for the GV Food Bank.
Potluck Dinners - after the Meetings After our monthly meeting, we usually go to someone's house here in Quail Creek for a pot luck dinner from around 5 PM until 7 PM.  This month, however, our Pot Luck dinner will be at the Grill. It will be a no-host venue. Please RSVP to  before December 15th. We still need a Host for the January 21st meeting! If you would like to volunteer to be the host / hostess, or have questions about hosting our pot lucks, please contact Phil, 203-521-7115 /
Father   Sean   Carroll,   S.J.,   executive director   of   the   Kino   Border   Initiative ( binational       migrant       ministry       in Nogales,      Arizona      and      Nogales, Sonora,    Mexico) ,     will    be    the    guest speaker    at    the    Democratic    Club    of Quail    Creek    meeting    on    Saturday, December    17,    3    pm,    at    the    Kino Conference   Center   (next   to   the   golf shop building) .   The public is welcome to attend! The   Kino   Border   Initiative   provides   hot   meals   and   other   services to   deported   migrants   as   well   as   shelter   for   women   and   children. “In    October,    the    Shelter    served    more    than    4,300    meals    and provided   shelter   for   a   limited   number   of   migrants,”   said   Father Sean. "Every   year,   thousands   of   migrant   men,   women   and   children   are deported...often   arriving   with   only   the   clothes   on   their   backs   and a   small   plastic   bag   with   their   belongings.   “The   migrants   have often   been   robbed   or   kidnapped   by   criminal   organizations   trying to   force   them   into   smuggling   drugs   or   extorted   for   money   to cross    into    the    U.S.,”    he    said.    “The    Shelter    is    protecting something    that    criminal    organizations    use    as    a    profit,”    said Maureen   Meyer,   a   senior   associate   with   the   Washington   Office on Latin America. “When   they   arrive   at   the   Shelter,   they   often   don't   know   where   to find   a   meal,   shelter   or   to   make   a   phone   call,”   he   added.   Father Sean’s efforts won praise from Pope Francis last year.