Democratic Club of Quail Creek - 2017
Saturday, March 19, 2016 Meeting
Rosanna   Gabaldón   and   Aaron   Baumann ,   declared   Democratic   candidates   for   Arizona   Legislative   District   2   (LD2),   will be   the   guest   speakers   at   the   Democrats   of   Quail   Creek   meeting   on   Feb.   20,   3   pm,    at    the   Kino   Conference   Center   (next   to the   golf   shop   building) .   There   are   two   LD2   seats   up   for   election,   currently   held   by   Democrat   Rosanna   Gabaldón   and Republican Chris Ackerley.   The public is welcome to attend. Gabaldón    was   re-elected   in   November   2014,   and   is   committed   to   the   constituents   of Southern   Arizona.   She   maintains   a   working   communication   with   the   local   business community,    school    boards    and    major    business    partners.    "I    have    the    energy    and commitment   to   bring   a   'can   do'   attitude,   as   well   as   a   fresh   set   of   ideas   and   the   skills necessary to work together to move Arizona forward," she said. Rosanna    served   as   Town   of   Sahuarita   Council   Member,   and   currently   serves   on   a variety   of   volunteer   boards   throughout   Southern   Arizona.      She   is   most   proud   of   her participation   in   programs   that   involve   working   with   children.   "Millions   have   been   cut from   public   education   over   the   years.   That   means   many   of   our   schools   are   struggling to   recruit,   retain,   repair   and   rebuild.   Parents,   teachers   and   students   must   get   their voices   heard.      Children   are   a   small   percent   of   the   population   but   they   are   100%   of   our future," she added. Aaron   Baumann    is   a   law   student   who   has   fought   for   progressive   change   at   the   Arizona   Center   for   Law   in   the   Public Interest, the Tucson Immigrant Workers' Project, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. He   believes   that   corporate   greed   and   political   corruption   are   endangering   our   way   of   life. If   elected,   Aaron    will   seek   to   restore   long-term   funding   to   our   public   schools,   invest   in infrastructure   and   sustainable   energy   development,   and   oppose   the   Rosemont   Mine.   "Our current   governor,   Doug   Ducey,   is   enriching   his   friends   by   putting   our   public   schools   and prisons   in   the   hands   of   private   corporations,   trading   political   favors   through   appointments to   the   Arizona   Supreme   Court   and   the   Arizona   Corporation   Commission,   and   attending 'events'   sponsored   by   his   patrons—the   Koch   brothers.   This   is   corruption,   no   more,   no less." Aaron's    family   are   Arizona   pioneers   who   have   owned   businesses   in   Nogales,   Arizona,   for 100 years. "What   we   need   is   not   partisanship,   but   engagement.   Many   people,   regardless   of   party, feel   unrepresented   by   the   government.   The   only   way   we   can   change   this   is   by   electing   a   different   kind   of   politician.   We need honest politicians, untainted by cynicism and the belief that you have to 'go along to get along.' "