Democratic Club of Quail Creek - 2017
Democratic   candidate   for   U.S.   Senate,   Congresswoman Ann   Kirkpatrick   (CD1),    was   the   guest speaker   at   the   Democrats   of   Quail   Creek   meeting   on   Feb.   20th   at   3   pm    in    the   Ocotillo   Room   of the Kino Conference Center (next to the golf shop building) All residents are welcome to attend. "I'm   running   for   the   U.S.   Senate    because   I   have   spent   my   life   in   Arizona   and   I   have   seen   this state   go   through   too   many   boom-and-bust   cycles.   That's   why   I   have   always   fought   for   the kind   of   common-sense,   bipartisan   solutions   that   help   families   succeed   from   my   time   in   the state Legislature to my continued service in Congress today." Ann   spent   her   childhood   on   the   White   Mountain   Apache   Nation,   where   her   first   words   as   a child   were   in   Apache.      After   graduating   from   Blue   Ridge   High   School,   Ann   then   worked   her   way   through   the   University of Arizona, earning a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. After   earning   her   law   degree,   Ann   served   the   people   of   Arizona   in   a   variety   of   positions.   In   1980,   she   became   Coconino County’s   first   female   Deputy   County   Attorney   and   later   served   as   Sedona’s   City   Attorney.   In   November   2004,   Ann   was elected   to   the   state   House   of   Representatives   to   represent   Legislative   District   2.   Her   top   legislative   priorities   were   fiscal responsibility, quality education and rural issues. In November 2006, she was elected to a second term in the Legislature. In   2008,   the   voters   of   Congressional   District   One   chose   Ann   to   represent   them   in   Congress.   The   sprawling,   mostly   rural district   is   one   of   the   nation’s   largest   –   it   touches   11   counties   and   includes   12   Native   American   tribes.   According   to   recent Census data, District One is nearly 25 percent Native American. In   her   first   term, Ann   had   more   bills   and   amendments   signed   into   law   than   almost   any   other   freshman   representative.   She passed   bills   supporting   veterans   and   Native   American   tribes,   and   her   bipartisan   legislation   enacting   a   historic   water settlement benefits Arizona’s urban, rural and tribal communities. Ann   has   fought   for   and   secured   critical   resources   for   Arizona.   She   has   also   been   a   leading   voice   in   the   push   to   reform   the broken   VA   system   and   her   call   for   a   VA   audit   was   implemented   by   the   Administration   within   just   24   hours.   She   was   also part of the bipartisan committee that brokered and passed major VA reform in July 2014. A   Flagstaff   resident, Ann   and   her   husband   Roger   have   raised   their   two   daughters   in Arizona   and   recently   welcomed   their first grandchild. "Whether   it's   supporting   access   to   education,   protecting   Social   Security   and   Medicare,   or   creating   jobs,   I   will   continue   to fight   to   build   the   strong,   diversified   economy   Arizona   families   need   to   succeed.   Green   Valley   plays   an   important   role   in this vision, and I look forward to speaking with folks about how we can continue to work together to put Arizona first." 
Saturday, February 20th Meeting