Democratic Club of Quail Creek - 2017
State   Representative   Victoria   Steele    is   a   Democratic   CD2   candidate   for   the   seat   currently   held   by Republican   Martha   McSally.   "I'm   running   for   Congress   because   today   the   deck   is   stacked   in   favor   of those   at   the   top—they’ve   broken   that   promise   of   the American   Dream   and   we   need   to   return   to   that promise of opportunity for all Americans." Victoria    was   elected   in   2012   to   the   Arizona   State   House   of   Representatives   from   Legislative   District 9   in   Tucson.   She   has   served   as   the   ranking   Democrat   on   the   Transportation   Committee   and   as   a member   of   the   Health,   Energy   and   Environment   committees.   She   is   strongly   committed   to Arizona’s economic   recovery,   job   creation,   and   public   education.   "I   grew   up   believing   that   in   the   United States, if you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve a fighting chance at success," she added. Victoria   Steele   is   literally   a   coal   miner’s   daughter.   Her   father   and   grandfather   worked   in   the   coal mines of northwest Pennsylvania and is of Native American (Seneca) and German ancestry.     As   a   single   working   mom,   Victoria    struggled   to   make   ends   meet   while   putting   her   son   through   public   school,   working two   jobs   and   going   to   college   to   earn   a   Masters   Degree   in   Counseling   and   a   Bachelor’s   Degree   in   Counseling   Psychology. She   is   a   Licensed   Professional   Counselor   in   private   practice   (specializing   in   helping   people   heal   from   trauma,   domestic violence   and   substance   abuse )   when   the   legislature   is   not   in   session.   Representative   Steele   also   teaches   psychology   and counseling    at    the    University    of    Phoenix    (at    Tucson)    and    mentors    students    at    Prescott    College    (Tucson    Center).   Representative   Steele   has   lived   in   Arizona   for   more   than   twenty-five   years.   She   recently   married   and   lives   with   her   new husband,   Dr.   Mark   Murphy,   in   Tucson   near   her   parents   and   her   adult   son   Nicholas.   She   enjoys   Tai   Chi,   listening   to   jazz, spending time with family and friends and walking her dog. ~ JOEL FINEMAN ~ DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR PIMA COUNTY ATTORNEY Joel   Fineman    graduated   from   the   University   of   Arizona   Law   School   in   2007,   and   began   working as   a   criminal   defense   attorney   in   the   Pima   County   Public   Defender’s   Office.   "Now,   at   37,   I   find myself   at   a   crossroads.   I   can   continue   on   my   current   path,   or   I   can   try   something   else   compelled by   my   conviction   that   I   can   contribute   more   by   using   my   knowledge   and   experience   to   make   Pima County   a   better   plac e,"   he   said.   "I   w ant   to   protect   the   innocent,   prosecute   the   guilty,   and   make Pima County a wonderful place to live and raise a family." "I   was   born   in   Pima   County,   and   I   love   it   here—the   people,   environment   and   even   sometimes   the heat!
January 16, 2016 Meeting