December 19, 2015 Meeting
DERMATOLOGIST DR. JASON DUPONT TO SPEAK ABOUT MOHS SURGERY Dr.   Jason   DuPont      will   be   the   guest   speaker   at   the   Democratic   Club   of   Quail   Creek meeting   on   Saturday,   Dec.   19,   3   pm   in   the   Silver   Room   of   the   Madera   Clubhouse.   All Quail Creek residents are welcome to attend. Dr.   DuPont   will   discuss   Mohs   surgery,   which   is   a   specialty   within   dermatology   in   which skin   cancer   is   surgically   removed   and   a   microscope   is   used   to   confirm   clearance   of   the tumor.      "A   Mohs   surgeon,   thus,   acts   as   both   the   surgeon   and   the   pathologist.      We   also   do all   the   reconstructive   surgery,   which   can   include   complex   plastic   surgery   closures   such   as flaps   and   grafts,"   he   said.   He'll   also   discuss   and   show   slides   of   what      basal   cell   carcinoma, squamous    cell    carcinoma    and    a    few    other    skin    cancers    look    like,    and        the    various treatment options, including Mohs.   Dr.   DuPont   became   a   board-certified   dermatologist   and   spent   a   fellowship   year   (2013- 2014)   training   with   two   Mohs   surgeons   at   the   University   of   Arizona.      His   program   director,   Duane   Whitaker,   M.D.,   is the   former   president   of   the American   College   of   Mohs   Surgeons   (ACMS)   and   trained   directly   with      Dr.   Frederick   Mohs, in the 1970s. "My passion in dermatology is cutaneous oncology, Mohs surgery and reconstructive surgery," he said. He   is   in   private   practice   at   Associated   Dermatologists   in   Green   Valley   and   Tucson,   is   the   Chief   of   Mohs   surgery   at   the Tucson   VA   and   an   Assistant   Professor   of   Dermatology,   University   of   Arizona.   "I   am   the   only   Mohs   surgeon   who   comes down   to   Green   Valley.   There   are   four   dermatology   groups   in   Green   Valley,   all   of   which   have   Mohs   surgeons   that   require their Green Valley patients to travel to Tucson for their surgery."   Dr.   DuPont    grew   up   in   St.   Louis,   Missouri,   and   attended   Rice   University   in   Texas.   He   took   a   few   years   off   college   to   ski in   Colorado   before   receiving   his   medical   degree   from   Baylor   College   of   Medicine   in   2001.   He   served   his   dermatology residency    at    University    of    Arizona,    Phoenix,    from    2010-2013.    He    is    married    to    Sandra    "Cookie"    DuPont,    also    a dermatologist,   has   three   kids,   ages   3,   6,   and   8.   "I   plan   on   staying   in   Tucson   to   raise   the   kids   and   have   our   careers."   he added.
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